Biography of Joseph L. Meek Jr.

Joseph L. Meek, Jr., the son of the historical character, Hon. Joseph Meek, whose life’s history is mentioned in this volume, a farmer two miles west from Fletcher, a man of integrity and sound principles, and withal a patriotic and enterprising citizen, it is fitting that we should accord this gentleman representation in the volume of his County’s history.

Joseph L. Meek was born four miles north from Hillsboro, Washington County, Oregon, on October 6, 1855. His father, Hon. Joseph L. Meek and his mother Virginia are well known and will be specifically mentioned elsewhere. Our subject was brought up in his native place, gained a good country schooling and remained there until 1890. Then he removed to Glencoe and in 1895 came to the Nez Perces Country. His family came on to the allotment in the spring of 1896 and this has been the home since that time.

On June 26, 1895, in Glencoe, Washington County, Oregon, Mr. Meeks married Miss Catherine, daughter of John F. and Rachel (Robison) Anderson. The father was born in Yorkshire, England, on December 23, 1850, came to New York when a child, and was raised in New York. Ten years were spent in Iowa, nine years in Nebraska and in 1891 he came to Oregon. Since 1898, he has lived in the vicinity of Fletcher. The mother of Mrs. Meek was born in Iowa, on September 21, 1850. Mrs. Meek has brothers and sisters, named as follows, Uriah, Joseph S., Norah J. Shinn, Clark W., deceased, Grover F., Clyde R., Arthur.

Mr. Meek has a good house and outbuildings, a nice home orchard, farms two hundred and forty acres of land and is one of the well to do men of the country. He is affiliated with the W. W. and in political relations is a Republican.

To Mr. and Mrs. Meeks have been born the following children: Martin F., born September 17, 1897; Virginia M., born August 12, 1899, died January 1, 1901; Joseph L., born October 16, 1901.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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