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  1. Hello my name is Jericho Stuntz. My grand father would be Joseph Killsright Stuntz. What I’m trying to do is find out who his parents are so I can find out what tribe I’m from so I can possibly meet some of family from that side. He was murdered in 1970’s but I don’t know very much else because both of his sons were really young and has passed away within the last 10 years so there’s no real information on my grandfather. Any information on where I should look or what I should do would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and I’m hoping to hear from you guys!

    1. I searched Ancestry.com and I found the following information
      Your grandfathers is listed as Joseph Bedell George Skwanqhaqn Stuntz
      born October 22nd, 1951 in Lapwai, Nez Perce County, Idaho
      died June 26th 1975 in Oglala Shannon, South Dakota. Also found newspaper clipping mentioning his death.

      Father: Alec George 1914 – 1976
      Mother: Dorothy Mary Abraham 1920 – ? *Native American, Coeur D’Alene tribe
      *found on Ancestry.com NATIVE AMERICAN CENSUS dated April 1, 1934.
      Also found Dorothy living in Tensed, Benewah, Idaho, USA with an 88yr old aunt on 1930 US Census when she was 10 years old. Also mentions others as nephews
      I believe these are Dorothy’s parents and siblings.
      Alexander Abraham born 1898 / married
      Angelie Abraham born 1901 / married
      John Abraham born 1924 / single
      Alice M born 1922 / single
      Dorothy born 1920 / single
      Aunts name is JOSETTE SINS, ancestry has her listed as JOSETTE SMO from Coeur D’Alene tribe.

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