Nez Perce County

Biography of Simeon J. Gillmore

It is with pleasure that we are enabled to incorporate in the history of Nez Perces County an epitome of the career of the esteemed gentleman whose name is at the head of this article. He was born in Pulaski County, Indiana, 011 February 27, 1863, being the son of James and Mary A. (Rumbough) Gillmore. When a child he went with his parents to Michigan and there he was reared until thirteen, when he began the labors of life for himself. He wrought in different parts of Michigan in logging and timber work and also did much dock building […]

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Wilson Bowlby

Biography of Wilson Bowlby

Among the pleasant and truly successful men in Nez Perce, we should mention Mr. Bowlby, whose genial manner and good business ability and public spirit have placed in a prominent and popular position. He is the owner and operator of a fine drug store in Nez Perce and is a leader in his line. Wilson Bowlby was born in Oregon, on the July 7, 1867, being the son of Theodore F. and Sophia A. (Adams) Bowlby. The father was a native of Indiana and crossed the plains with ox teams with his father, a physician seeking his health in the

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Biography of Wyley T. Johnson

The southeast fourth of section twenty-four, township thirty-four, range one east of the Boise meridian belongs to Wyley Johnson. It bears the marks of being one of the best tilled and kept farms in the vicinity. Mr. Johnson has a seven room residence, with water piped in. and all of the modern conveniences and this is but a sample of his farm improvements and achievements. He borrowed money in the east to make his way west and has wrought with industry and sagacity until he is now one of the most prosperous men of the reservation country. Mr. Johnson has

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Zephaniah A. Johnson

Biography of Zephaniah A. Johnson

It is with pleasure that we are enabled to grant in this history a review of the leading business man and prominent member of society whose name appears above, and who is proprietor of the largest flour mills in the County. Mr. Johnson was born in Benton County, Iowa, on February 28, 1868, being the son of Stephen and Elizabeth (Hardinger) Johnson, natives respectively, of Greene County, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The father was a farmer and carpenter and later was a faithful preacher in the German Baptist Church. Our subject was educated in the native place and labored with his

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Biography of William T. Wright

This pioneer and substantial citizen has been one of the well known men here for a long time and is deserving of credit for his labors and improvement. He is not only a tiller of the soil, but is a skillful and enthusiastic apiarist, having forty stands of bees. In addition to this, Mr. Wright carries a large stock of bee raising supplies for the accommodation of those in the surrounding country. It is interesting and profitable to notice with what skill and wisdom Mr. Wright has continued to put forth the advantages of this important industry and it has

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Biography of William W. Wright

After a long period of intelligent labor in developing and building up the various sections where he has resided, the gentleman whose name appears above is now living a quiet and retired life in Lookout, where he is also giving some attention to the duties of vegetable gardening and handle the business of a notary public. William W. Wright was born in Marion County, Indiana, on May 6, 1839, being the son of Adam and Judith ( Bollibaugh) Wright, natives of North Carolina, as also were their parents. The paternal grandfather of our subject served in the Revolution, died in

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Biography of William White

A man of energy and excellent practical ability, who demonstrated his patriotism by serving in the Civil war from March, 1865 to November 20, 1865, in the Seventh Illinois Cavalry, Company E. under General George H. Thomas, who has wrought in a worthy manner since and is now one of the substantial men of the reservation, to such an one we with pleasure grant space in the history of the County. William White was born in Jefferson County. New York, on December 1, 1845, being the son of William and Elvira (Freeman) White, natives of New York. Hiram Freeman, great

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Biography of Willie E. Kern

This enterprising farmer resides twenty-one miles southeast from Lewiston and is one of the substantial stockmen and farmers of his section, having a nice place well improved and productive of good returns annually. W. E. Kern was born in Richardson County, Nebraska, in 1866, being the son of William C. and Roda R. (Cox) Kern. The father is a stockman and farmer, born in Indiana in 1810, and now lives in Oregon. He crossed the plains in 1845, l852, and in 1866, and mined in California. He was County treasurer of Umatilla County, at Pendleton, for eight years and was

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Biography of William S. Clayton

This enterprising and well known business man of Gifford is one of the representative citizens and public minded men who have built the town of Gifford to what it is and have the energy and push and skill to make of it a prosperous and influential municipality. It is very fitting therefore that the history of Nez Perces County should grant space for the life of Mr. Clayton. He was born in Jackson County, Arkansas, on October 14, 1863, being the son of John M. and Cynthia (Damron) Clayton. The father was a Methodist minister and a chaplain in the

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Biography of William Thatcher

In the town of Culdesac, this enterprising business man conducts a well kept and thrifty meat market and he is doing a good business, while he ever manifests those capabilities of success and industry that are commendable. William Thatcher was born in Adams County, Ohio, on October 4, 1870, being the son of Samuel and Martha (Wilmoth) Thatcher. William grew up on a farm and was educated in the public schools. When eighteen he went to Montana and for nine years he was engaged in various occupations there. Three of those years were spent in the regular army and he

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