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Biography of Simeon J. Gillmore

It is with pleasure that we are enabled to incorporate in the history of Nez Perces County an epitome of the career of the esteemed gentleman whose name is at the head of this article. He was born in Pulaski County, Indiana, 011...

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Biography of Wyley T. Johnson

The southeast fourth of section twenty-four, township thirty-four, range one east of the Boise meridian belongs to Wyley Johnson. It bears the marks of being one of the best tilled and kept farms in the vicinity. Mr. Johnson has...

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Biography of William T. Wright

This pioneer and substantial citizen has been one of the well known men here for a long time and is deserving of credit for his labors and improvement. He is not only a tiller of the soil, but is a skillful and enthusiastic...

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Biography of William W. Wright

After a long period of intelligent labor in developing and building up the various sections where he has resided, the gentleman whose name appears above is now living a quiet and retired life in Lookout, where he is also giving...

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Biography of William White

A man of energy and excellent practical ability, who demonstrated his patriotism by serving in the Civil war from March, 1865 to November 20, 1865, in the Seventh Illinois Cavalry, Company E. under General George H. Thomas, who...

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Biography of Willie E. Kern

This enterprising farmer resides twenty-one miles southeast from Lewiston and is one of the substantial stockmen and farmers of his section, having a nice place well improved and productive of good returns annually. W. E. Kern...

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Biography of William S. Clayton

This enterprising and well known business man of Gifford is one of the representative citizens and public minded men who have built the town of Gifford to what it is and have the energy and push and skill to make of it a...

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Biography of William Thatcher

In the town of Culdesac, this enterprising business man conducts a well kept and thrifty meat market and he is doing a good business, while he ever manifests those capabilities of success and industry that are commendable....

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