Biography of Joseph L. Craig

The venerable and highly esteemed gentleman of whom we now speak was a farmer and stock raiser living one half mile south from Morrow, where he had a fine estate, well supplied with buildings and all necessary improvements and in addition to general farming he raised fine Shorthorn cattle and was a prosperous and leading citizen.

Joseph L. Craig was born in Virginia, on July 26, 1832, being the son of George and Mary D. (McMullin) Craig. The father was born in Virginia in 1795 and died in 1845. George Craig, grandfather of our subject, was also born in Virginia and married Kittie Kimberly. His father, the Rev. John Craig, was born in Donagan, County of Antrim, north Ireland, and was descended from Scotch ancestry. He was a graduate of the Edinburg University and came to the United States in 1734, settling in Delaware. He was sent to Ft. Stanton, Augusta County, Virginia, by the Presbytery of Delaware and there he ministered to his flock for twenty-five years. This was the first Presbyterian Church of the Virginia settlement. He was a minister of note in his day and died in 1774. The mother of our subject was born in Virginia, in April, 1803, and died in 1836. Her father was of Scotch Irish descent. Her mother, Jane Madison, was the daughter of William and Catherine Arbuckle and was a niece of Bishop John Madison, of Virginia, and of Governor George Madison, of Kentucky, and was a cousin of President Madison. William Arbuckle was born of Scotch parents in Virginia in 1752 and was a volunteer under General Lewis, founder of Lewisburg, Virginia, in his expedition against the Ohio Indians in 1774, participating in the battle of Point Pleasant at the mouth of the Great Kanawha River.

Our subject went with his parents to Callaway County, Missouri, where he grew to manhood and was educated. When eighteen, in 1850, he went to California and gained a thousand dollars in the gold fields in one year. Returning home, he farmed and raised stock there until 1888, when he came west and settled on his present place on July 14, 1888. He continued here until his death, displaying thrift, industry and sagacity.

On April 9, 1856, in Callaway County, Missouri, Mr. Craig married Miss Mary E., daughter of Thomas G. and Rebecca B. (Snedicor) Jones. Mr. Jones was a farmer and merchant, born in Madison County, Kentucky, in 1795 and died in 1846, being of English and Welsh extraction. Mrs. Jones was born in Virginia in 1799 and died in 1835, being of Scotch Irish extraction. Mrs. Craig was born in Callaway County, Missouri, on August 15, 1831, was liberally educated and taught for five years. She has eight brothers and sisters, but George W. Jones, of San Francisco, is the only one living. Mr. Craig has three brothers and sisters, all deceased. The following named children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Craig: Charles Henry, a physician in Webb City, Missouri; Jefferson E., deceased: Emma Julia MacKay, in Jefferson City, Missouri; Jennie Allen Miles, deceased; Stonewall Jackson, Idaho County; Mary Katherine Buckner, Jefferson City, Missouri; Albert B., a physician in Philadelphia; George E., principal of the public schools in Oakesdale, Washington; Annahalana R. Davis, of Nez Perce: Joseph Franklin, principal of the public schools in Burlington, Washington. W. S. Davis, the husband of Mrs. A. Davis, died in the Philippine Islands recently. He was professor of English in an educational institution in the town of Moncada. Since his decease Mrs. Davis has returned to America. Mr. Craig joined the Masonic lodge in 1856. Mrs. Craig is a member of the Christian Church and her husband is a member of the Methodist Church, South.

Mr. Craig had been a justice of the peace for three terms and was eminently satisfactory to his constituents. He was a staunch Democrat and had been committeeman for ten years. He died at his home March 27, 1903, and his remains were laid to rest in the I. O. O. F. cemetery, Morrow, Idaho.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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