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Bonner County Idaho Census Records

1870 Bonner County, Idaho Census Free 1870 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – 14 Days Free 1870 Bonner County, Census (images and index) $ 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Census Guide 1870 U.S. Census Guide 1880 Bonner County, Idaho Census Free 1880 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – 14 Days Free 1880 Bonner County, Census (images and index) 1810-1890 Accelerated Indexing Systems $ Hosted at Census Guide 1880 U.S. Census Guide 1890 Bonner County, Idaho Census Free 1890 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – 14 Days Free 1890 Veterans […]

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Bonner County Idaho Genealogy and History

Welcome to Bonner County, Idaho a part of the American History and Genealogy Project (AHGP). It is our goal to provide you with the best information possible when searching for your Bonner ancestors. We are Judy White and Dennis Partridge and we will be your host for Bonner County, Idaho. If you have information you would like to contribute to this site, please use our submit form!! Thanks Bonner County was established on February 21, 1907. It is located in the Panhandle portion of the state. The county is surrounded by Boundary County to the North, State of Montana to

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Bonner County Idaho Obituaries

Obituaries and Death Records play an important part for the researcher. To some this is an unpleasant resource, but the information found will provide many clues for your ancestors. Often there is a list of family members and the relation to the deceased, but you should remember when this information was provided the person doing so was probably highly stressed. Check with others and do some additional research on the person you found. Brock, Donald Chester February 12, 2006 Brooks, Don J. April 22, 2002 Brown, Darlyne Marjorie December 15, 2005 Butts, Larin Leo April 4, 1961 Campbell, Darrell W.

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Idaho Native American Tribes

Native American research can be the most difficult undertaking of your genealogical research.  Early tribal records were oral, in many case we rely on information provided by others and many times inaccurate. Indian Tribes of Bonner County Kalispel Indians The Kalispel Indians of Idaho Kalispel Aboriginal Lands (hosted at Four Directions Institute) Indian Tribes around Bonner County and Northern Idaho Kalispel Indian Reservation Language of the Kalispel Kalispel Tribe History Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Salish Tribe Salish Family Indian Tribal History, 1880 Indian Reservations, 1908 Indian Biographies Indian Tribes of Idaho Native American Land Patents Idaho Coeur d Alene

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Bonner County Idaho Military

The United States has fought in many wars, many of the western states were not involved in the early wars.  We have provided as many links possible to the wars that involved Bonner County. Civil War Civil War Battlefield Map (hosted at AccessGenealogy) Bonner County, Civil War Veterans Idaho Civil War Veterans (hosted at Idaho State History Society) World War I WWI Civilian Draft Registrations 1917 – 1918 Surnames A-Be Surnames Bi_By Surnames C Surnames D-E   Surnames F-G Surnames H Surnames I-J-K Surnames L Surnames Ma-Me Surnames Mi-Ne   Surnames Ni-Ph   Surnames Pi-Ry Surnames Sa-Sn   Surnames So-Ti

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Bonner Research Links

Bonner Research Links Bonner County was established in 1907 and is one of 44 counties in the state. About 36,000 people live within our borders. The population has been growing steadily and has averaged 7 to 8 percent growth per year in the past five years. Many of the people who relocate there are seeking a better quality of life and easier access to the recreational opportunities the area offers. Business owners, in particular, find it favorable to relocate or start up here because of the availability of commercial land, relatively low taxes and an available labor force. The county

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Bonner County Idaho ~ Biographies

Biographies can often be a good starting point for finding printed information on our Ancestors. Sometimes these were written by the individual but most often a family member. That is usually a person is relying on the information provided by the ancestor many years ago. Please check and find the truth!! Biographies of the State of Idaho Idaho Biography Index (hosted at University of Idaho Special Collections) Idaho Biographies (hosted at Idaho State Historical Society) very slow to download PDG Bonner County Biographies Illustrated History of the State of Idaho AccessGenealogy’s Biographies History of Bannock County

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Bonner County Idaho Cemeteries

Cemeteries are always a great source of information abut your ancestors. The sad part is so many cemeteries are being vandalized now days and many of the old stones are broken or carried away. Many mortuaries have lists of burials in some of them and should also be checked. Cemeteries of Idaho Following Cemeteries Hosted at The Idaho Archives Blanchard Cemetery Boyer Cemetery, (aka Kootenai Cemetery) Brinkwood Cemetery Cabinet Cemetery Clara Cemetery Clark Ford Cemetery Colburn Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Surnames A-E Surnames F-G Surnames H-L Surnames M-Q Surnames R -Z Gamlin Lake Cemetery, (Newman or Broten) Sagle, ID Greenwood Cemetery,

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