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Roads and Bridges

The roads and bridges of Blaine County are in good condition. The roads are being im proved from year to year and new up-to-date steel and concrete bridges are replacing wooden structures. We learn from history that the first...

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A Tragedy in the Snow

An appalling calamity occurred at the North Star Mine on the East Fork of Wood River about 3:30 on the morning of February 25, 1917. Three slides formed an avalanche, one from the east, one from the north and one from the...

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Many Prominent Men

Several men and women who have resided in what is now Blaine County, have filled positions of trust and honor. I fully realize the difficulty of drawing the line of demarcation between the great and the near-great, and I...

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Reducing Indebtedness

While it was from the interior of her mountains that the chief source of wealth of Alturas County was derived in the early days, it is those same mountains that furnish the nutritious grasses that sustain hundreds of thousands...

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Hot and Cold Water

The natural hot springs in Blaine County are the Condie, near Carey, Hailey, Clarendon, Guyer, Warfield, Easley, and Russian John. These springs are favorite resorts for bathing. Several well-to-do people have built summer homes...

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Brave Sons of Blaine County Idaho

On May 20, 1890, Company F, Idaho National Guard, was mustered in at Hailey by Col. W. T. Riley. It is a matter of regret that no roster of this company can be found. At the time in question there were two daily papers published...

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Blaine County, Idaho Created

On March 5, 1895, the county of Blaine was created. The first section of the act creating Blaine County reads as follows: “The counties of Alturas and Logan are hereby abolished and the county of Blaine is hereby created,...

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County Commissioners

The Board of County Commissioners as then constituted consisted of Israel T. Osborn, chairman, Sidney Kelley of Carey, and John E. Schad. The indebtedness of Lincoln County to Blaine County had to be determined, bonds refunded,...

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