Goodale North Trail

Brownlee Ferry

Goodale North Trail

The writing of this paper required the inclusion of many before unpublished accumulated facts, and a complicated weaving together of the information was necessary for the complete picture to be painted. Therefore it is well documented, very detailed, and somewhat deductively presented in some places. The historical facts are clear, but in places one must …

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Joining of Trains at Champagne Meadows

The collection of this information together does generate some possibilities to think about that have before been little considered. The joining together of several trains at Champagne Meadow to cross the southern Jeffrey-Goodale Cutoff, and the several divisions of the same in the Boise Valley and along the Boise River does complicate the matter. It …

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Emigrant’s Information

The foregoing information has been presented to help dispel the doubts that the Goodale North variant through Crane Creek-called “Tim Goodale road” by some writers in informational road accounts and being used by pack trains in fall of 1862, only weeks after Goodale’s Train-soon became a wagon/emigrant train traveled road for many years, first to …

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