Biography of William F. Shawley, M.D.

Well known in Nez Perces and Idaho counties as a man of honor, uprightness and ability, as well as a man of extensive experience in the medical world and excellent skill, the subject of this article is justly ranked with the leading men of the section. On account of a serious accident that crippled the Doctor for life, we now find him taking up other business lines that demand less activity and are not so trying as extended practice of medicine. William F. Shawley was born in Montgomery County, Kentucky, on December 10, 1851, being the son of John B. and Catherine A. E. (Gray) Shawley. The father was born on the same farm as our subject, while the grandfather of William F. was a native of Baltimore, Maryland, and the great grandfather was an immigrant from Saxony. The mother of our subject was a native of Montgomery County also and her father was born in Ireland, while her mother was of German descent. William F. was taken to Missouri in 1853 with the family and reared and educated there. Later he completed his education in the Normal at Troy, Iowa. In the Keokuk College of Physicians and Surgeons, Mr. Shawley entered with a determination to delve thoroughly into medical lore. In 1882 he graduated with honors from that institution and then practiced six years in Aetna, Missouri, two years in Milton, Iowa, six years in Taylor, Nebraska, eight years in Idaho and then in October, 1898, he met with the sad accident above mentioned. The following year Dr. Shawley came to Nez Perce, bought business and residence property, erected a hotel which he rents and is now retired from the activities of business. He has three living brothers: Hezekiah, a farmer in Oklahoma; John D., in Missouri: George W.. land owner and dentist in Kansas City; he also has three sisters, Lucy G., wife of Richard Morton, in Missouri, who served in the Confederate army as lieutenant under Morgan; Henrietta, wife of N. D. Hoover, a farmer in Oklahoma, who served as a private under Stonewall Jacks, in: Sophronia J., wife of John Marlow, a man standing six feet, ten inches in his stocking feet, and as prominent in politics, business and social circles in Scotland County, Missouri, as he is large physically. Dr. Shawley is a member of the A. F. & A. M., Mount Idaho Lodge, No. 9, at Grangeville. In Memphis, Missouri, Dr. Shawley married Miss Mary A., daughter of James A. and Angeline (Roole) Sayers. She was born in Illinois in 1853 and died December 7, 1887, leaving two children, Inez L., wife of Charles Pomeroy, in Nez Perce; John G., with his father. Dr. Shawley contracted a second marriage, the date was January 9, 1889, and the lady Hulda A. Langrish, and a native of Saxony. Her parents, Christian and Minnie C. (Carter) Langrish, brought her to this County when she was fourteen and they lived in Nebraska and Kansas. Four children have been born to this union: Cora D., aged twelve; Mary D., aged ten; William G., aged seven; Charles F., aged three. Mrs. Shawley has two sisters, Minnie C, widow of Bartholomew O’Rourke, in Oklahoma; Ida, wife of Frank C. Smith, also in Oklahoma.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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