Biography of Lowry L. Berry

Lowry L. Berry is one of the younger men of enterprise who have assisted materially to open the reservation country to be fertile and valuable farming vicinity. He is a man of good ability and handles his business affairs with commendable zeal and thoroughness which have given him the desirable meed of prosperity and good success. He has a fine piece of land of eighty acres, which is improved in excellent shape. At the present time Mr. Berry is erecting a commodious residence for his family, while good outbuildings, orchard, and so forth, embellish the farm.

Lowry L. Berry was born in Gentry County, Missouri, on April 25, 1871, being the son of James B. and Elenor (Grantham) Berry, natives of Illinois, born in 1825 and 1827, respectively. The father was a farmer and merchant and died on July 9, 1893. He was a volunteer in the Civil war, where he gave faithful service for his country. He was a pioneer in Missouri and Dakota, and his father was also a pioneer to Missouri. The mother of our subject lives with him and has done so since the death of her husband. In 1883 the family went from Missouri to South Dakota, settling in Potter County, where the father and elder sons took land. Four years were spent there and then they all sold out and came to Latah County. There they remained until the death of the father in 1893, when our subject took charge of the farm estate and since that time has continued thus. Lowry received his education in the various places where the family lived and was trained by a skillful and progressive father. When the reservation opened he came and secured his present place.

On December 9, 1897, in Latah County, Dr. Berry married Miss Florence, daughter of Thomas and Loraine (Camp) Williams, natives of Kansas. Mrs. Berry was also born in Kansas, the date being 1873. She has four brothers and one sister. Mr. Berry has the following named brothers and sisters: William H., Mary J. Craig, James D., Jacob N., Thomas H. and George R. Elsie M., Evelyn E., Chrissie E. and a child as yet unnamed have been born to bless the household of our subject and his estimable wife.

Mrs. Berry is a member of the Methodist Church. Politically Mr. Berry is affiliated with the Populist Party, and is always found on the side of progression and is especially interested in good schools.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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