Biography of Lewis D. Stevens

This prosperous farmer has well earned the meed of success by his thrift, his industry, and his wisdom in managing the resources of the country in these pioneer days and is to he classed among the substantial and capable men who deserve representation in the history of the County.

Lewis D. Stevens was born in Alpine County. California, on April 10, 1876. His father, Alexander H. a farmer, was born in Perth, Scotland, on May 4, 1849, and married Sarah F. Trimmer. Our subject remained with his parents until nineteen. He came to Nez Perces County on July 9, 1885 and engaged in the cattle business with his father and for himself. On August 14, 1895, Mr. Stevens married Miss Addie, daughter of Darius B. and Arabelle J. Randall. Mr. Randall’s first work in life was as a teacher, being a first class educator. He was first lieutenant in the Rebellion and later was lieutenant in a company at Fort Lapwai. A detailed account of his career in the Indian troubles will appear in another portion of this volume and we will not revert to it here. He was a brave and courageous man and with a handful of sixteen he was pitted against one hundred and twenty-five Indians. He fought the Indians with display of desperate and great valor but was overpowered and slain. It is said that officer Perry stood and witnessed the awful massacre with no move to avert it. Mr. Randall was judge of Idaho County at the time of his death. He was beloved and esteemed by all. Mrs. Stevens was born December 8, 1876, in Idaho County and her brothers and sisters are named as follows: Oronoco L. Inghram, born April 25, 1866, in Linn County, Oregon; Henry A., born August 28, 1867, in Nez Perces County; Belle J. Gable, born November 2, 1870, in Nez Perces County; Maude E. Byron, born September 16, 1873, in Idaho County. Mrs. Stevens has also one half sister, Jay M. Dorman, born March 13, 1883, in Idaho County.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens have two girls, Ruth Elizabeth, born June 19, 1898, in Idaho County; Lauretta Jay, born September 18, 1900, in this County.

Mr. Stevens has devoted himself to the improvement of his estate and has done commendable work. He raised about two thousand bushels of grain last year and feeds it all to his stock. He has fine stock, having twelve cattle, sixty horses, thirty sheep and many hogs.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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