Biography of Enoch S. Reeves

A worthy member of the large class of farmers and stockmen who have builded Nez Perces County, it is with pleasure that we are enabled to grant to the subject of this article a consideration in the history of his County. Enoch S. Reeves was born in Woodson County, Kansas, on December 11, 1868, being the son of Newton and Matilda (Gordy) Reeves. The father was born in Iowa in 1843 and died in 1879 having been a pioneer in Kansas. His wife was born in Ohio in 1849, and she still lives near Palouse, in Idaho. Her father was a pioneer in Kansas and her two brothers fought for the flag during the Civil War.

Enoch grew up on a farm and gained an education by studying during the winters. He was but twelve when the father died and being the eldest boy, he had the burden to carry, which early gave him to know the hardships of life and the responsibilities of providing for dependent ones. In 1883 they sold out in Kansas and migrated to Palouse, where the mother bought a farm and he managed it until 1890. In that year he bought a farm for himself and, in addition to general farming, he devoted himself to raising hogs, which was the means of tiding him over the awful panic from 1893-6. He still owns the farm, which is a great proof of his ability and wisdom, for the most able of the farmers were called upon to give up their possessions.

In 1899 Mr. Reeves came to the reservation and settled on his present place adjoining Peck on the east. Here he has devoted himself to raising fruit and general farming; he has excellent buildings and his place is one of the neat and comfortable ones of the County.

On December 24, 1891, Mr. Reeves married Miss Laura B., daughter of George H. and Itha J. (Gaut) Sawyer. Mr. Sawyer was born in Oregon in 1847 and is now one of the prosperous farmers and stockmen of Latah County. His wife was also born in Oregon, the date being October 14, 1852, and her parents settled in that state in 1845. Mrs. Reeves was born in Oregon, on June 17, 1872. She was educated at Philomath College and has two brothers. Elmer, deceased; Charles, at home near Palouse. Mr. Reeves has two sisters and one brother, Bell Anderson, near Palouse; Anna Rudd, deceased: Orletus, in Latah County. To Mr. and Mrs. Reeves there have been born four children, Milly, Pearl, Rubena and Enoch L.

In national politics Mr. Reeves is a Republican but in all other matters of government he selects the man from the intrinsic worth of the candidates. Mr. Reeves has spent his odd moments in perfecting himself in the taxidermist’s art and had some fine specimens on exhibition at the fairs in Lewiston and Peck.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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