Biography of Charles E. Ferry

The enterprising young business man, of whom we now speak, is not only doing a good business in the drug store that he owns in Peck but also derives a welcome income from the farm that he took as a homestead from the wilds of the reservation. Mr. Ferry is a self made man largely, and has passed that school of experience in the things of this world that fits him for a successful career, which is his lot at this time.

Charles E. Ferry was born in Missouri, on August 28, 1878, being the son of Charles and Ellen D. (Stiles) Ferry. Our subject never saw his father after he was one and one half years of age. The mother was born in Wisconsin and died in 1880, Charles being an infant. He was then taken by his grandparents Stiles, who lived in Kansas. Thence they went to New Mexico, then to Denver, next to Boise, from there to Weiser, and finally to Moscow, where they settled, the grandfather taking up farming.

When Charles was thirteen the grandfather went to Milton, Oregon, but our subject remained with an uncle, Mr. Stiles, and when he arrived at the age of fifteen went to do for himself. He had gained his education from the common schools in the various places where he had resided, and worked faithfully until the reservation opened, then he took a farm, upon which he made final proof in April. 1902. Then Mr. Ferry, having learned the druggist’s art, bought a stock of drugs and opened a store in Peck, where he is operating at the present time.

In December, 1896, Mr. Ferry married Miss Ona, daughter of Alexander A. and Cordelia (Williams) Anderson, the father a native of Kentucky and now a large farmer in Latah County. Mrs. Ferry was born in Latah County, in 1879, and has two brothers, Franklin J. and Martin A. Mr. Ferry has two sisters, Lillian Humstock and Anna B. Riggs. The following children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Ferry, Milo G., Lottie M., and Velva. Mr. Ferry affiliates with the W. W. at Melrose, while in political matters, he is a Republican, being active in the caucuses and conventions. His father was a soldier in the Civil war.

Mr. Ferry has conducted his business enterprise in a commendable manner, and has manifested true wisdom and thrift. His farm is well provided with buildings, consists of eighty acres, and among other good improvements has a fine orchard.

Source: An Illustrated History of North Idaho: Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone counties, state of Idaho; Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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