Biography of Alexis Picart

Like many of the well to do inhabitants of the reservation portion of Nez Perces County, our subject came here with very limited capital and the fine possessions that are now his have been gained by his skill in manipulating the resources of the County and his industry in prosecuting the enterprises of farming and stock raising. His farm is eight miles southeast from Peck, is good land and produces under his wise husbandry bounteous returns. Comfortable and commodious buildings are a part of the improvements and the farm has an air of thrift and contentment that betoken the personality of the proprietor.

Alexis Picart was born in Belgium, on April 21, 1852, and there remained with his parents on the farm, attending school until he was twenty, when he enlisted, in the regular army and served as corporal one year and as sergeant for two years, being personally acquainted in this time with every town of importance in Belgium. Following his military career, Mr. Picart returned to the native place and on March 9, 1879, he married Miss Adle Thomson, a native of Belgium and a dressmaker.

In 1884, they took passage on the steamer Paris, and went via Bordeaux, France, to New Orleans, being eighteen days on the ocean. Thence they made their way to San Antonio, Texas, and later settled in Seguin, where they remained until 1888. Then a journey was made to Los Angeles, whence they went to Kern County, California, and in 1890 we find them in San Francisco, following which they were in numerous places in the northwest country. In the spring of 1896 Mr. Picart came to his present place, filed a homestead right and has dwelt here since. Four children have been born to Mr. Picart and his faithful wife, Virginia, wife of Charles Hutchins: Mary; Augusta, born in Texas: August, born in Kern County, California. The two oldest children were born in Belgium.

Mr. Picart is a man of excellent judgment and business ability, while his walk manifests integrity and uprightness, which have commended him to the good will and esteem of his fellows.

Source: An Illustrated History of North Idaho: Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone counties, state of Idaho; Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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