Blaine County

Blaine County Idaho War Dead

Following is the list of World War dead from Blaine County as reported by the American Legion and as it appears in the hall of memories at the University of Idaho, at Moscow: D. T. Davis, Hailey Arlie Fuller, Hailey James Hyde, Ketchum Jesse Lee, Halley Alma Lewis, Hailey Lee E. Moore, Hailey Ned Stuart, Hailey John A. Timmerman, Gannett Sherman Trowbridge, Gannett Samuel T. Werry, Bellevue Several Blaine County men served in the Navy. Dr. E. W. Kleinman served as a captain in the World war and was brevetted a major. James McDonald and Stewart Campbell, both of Hailey, […]

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Streets of Bellvue Idaho

Bellevue Idaho, The Gate City

Bellevue is situated about five miles south east of Hailey. In 1880 the first building was erected there. It was a log building owned by Owen Riley, who was the first Postmaster. L. Young succeeded him in that office. The present Postmaster is Mrs. Florence V. Clark. In the building in which the first Post Office was located was a drug store owned by W. T. Riley and conducted by J. J. Tracy. The latter moved to Hailey in 1881 and has been conducting his own drug store here since that date. In 1883 a charter for the City of

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