Mining Locations

But the indomitable spirit of the prospector and the pioneer was not to be deterred by any obstacles, how ever great. As there are several thousand mining locations of record, it would be not only impracticable, but tedious, to mention them all. I shall, therefore, content myself with a brief reference to some of the most important mines in various parts of what is now embraced with in Blaine County. The development of mining on Wood River began in 1879.

At that time M. H. Williams, David Whitmer, Frank W. Jacobs, William Mc Wade, Sam Friend, Jimmy Gray, and a few other men were living at Jacobs City, named for Frank W. Jacobs. The name of Jacobs City was changed to Broadford in 1880.

Following are the names of a few of the early quartz mining claims recorded on Wood River and vicinity, to-wit:

Galena, located by Warren P. Callahan, notice filed for record April 26, 1879

Queen of the Hills, located by Frank W. Jacobs, notice filed for record July 15, 1879

River View and Penobscot, located by A. H. Johnston, notices filed for record October 11, 1879

Minnie Moore, located by Daniel W. Scribner, notice filed for record September 22, 1880.

All these mining claims were situated near what is now Broadford, which is a short distance west of Bellevue.

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