Biography of John W. Killinger

The mining interests of the west have brought here some of the finest talent in special lines to be found and one of the prominent professional gentleman attracted hither is the subject of this humble review. He is a graduate of some of the best schools on mining, assaying, metallurgy and kindred subjects that are to be found in the United States and at the present time he is operating a laboratory for assaying in Lewiston.

John W. was born in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, on December 30, 1865, being the son of Hon. John W. Killinger. The father was for years a state senator from Lancaster County and then was sent to Congress for eight terms. He was a warm personal friend of James G. Blaine, was one of the committee who assisted to get Lincoln into Washington after his election, was all through the trying times of the war and did creditable service for his constituency, being a man of excellent ability and integrity. He retired from Congress in 1888 and died in Pennsylvania in 1896. The mother of our subject was born in Ohio and lived at the old homestead in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Our subject was well educated in the public schools, prepared for college at the Media Academy, and was graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston in the class of 1886, having taken the chemical course. He went into business in Lebanon and in 1891 came west to Portland and took charge of the metallurgical and assaying departments of the Fiske School of Mines. He arrived in Lewiston in September, 1898. Previous to locating here he had been to the Columbia School of Mines in New York and taken a special course.

Mr. Killinger married Miss Olive S., daughter of John and Margaret Aldridch. To this union there has been born one child, John W. Mr. Killinger is a Mason and member of the Knights Templar. He and his wife are members of the Episcopalian Church, of which he is trustee. In politics, he is allied with the Republicans and is active.

Theodore Hittell, uncle of our subject, was author of the leading history of California and was state senator there, being also a leader in the committee of revision of the constitution of the state. He was a pioneer of 1849 and is regent of the Berkely University. John S. Hittell, a brother, is also a prominent writer.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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