Biography of Henry Johnson

Henry Johnson is one of the industrious and substantial men who live in the vicinity of Gifford, his estate of one hundred and twenty acres being about one mile east of town and he is entitled to representation in the history of his County as he has done much toward the development and up building of the County and is now one of the thrifty and progressive farmers. He handles his land to the cereals, raising also cattle, horses and hogs, while the entire premises manifest the neatness, thrift and good management of the proprietor.

Henry Johnson was born in Denmark, on October 1, 1870, being the son of John and Cecil (Samson) Johnson, farmers of that country. Henry grew up on the farm and attended private school. When eight he was called to mourn the death of his mother and in 1887 he came to this country, joining an uncle in Shelby County, Iowa. His only brother, John Johnson, now lives in Spokane. For two years our subject wrought in Iowa and then came to Whitman County, Washington.

He worked on the railroad construction for a year and then went into the mines in Shoshone County, where he remained until the strike. Returning to Colfax he remained one year and then came across the river from the reservation, in order to be handy when the land was opened. He was there the first day and filed on November 30, 1895. Since that time Mr. Johnson has given his time to the improvement of his land and he has one hundred and twenty acres of the excellent land of this section. In political matters he is a Democrat, but does not ever press for personal preferment.

Mr. Johnson is still on the ground of the celibatarian, having never embarked on the uncertain sea of matrimony. He is respected and well thought of by all and is one of the up to date men and public minded citizens.

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Source: An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, Embracing Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties, Western Historical Publishing Company, 1903

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