Nez Perce County

Biography of Albert Mustoe

Albert Mustoe is an enterprising young farmer and carpenter dwelling about two miles northeast from Chesley, having taken his land from the wildness of nature and improved it so that it is a pleasant and valuable place. Albert Mustoe was born in Adair County, Missouri, on Match 28, 1875, being the son of Henry and Martha (Heuett) Mustoe, mention of whom is made in another portion of this work. He grew to manhood in his native county and there received his education. In 1891 the father came to Tekoa, Washington, on account of his health, and the next year our […]

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Biography of Albert Oderkirk

Portions of Nez Perces County are among the most excellent fruit producing sections in the northwest, and the enterprising gentleman mentioned above has a fruit farm among the best in this favored region. He is located about two and one-half miles northeast from Lewiston, owns land that is well irrigated and produces under his skillful husbandry an abundance of fruit of the best kind and all varieties. Mr. Oderkirk was born in Granby, New York, on December 8, 1858, being the son of Isaac and Caroline (Weatherwax) Oderkirk, natives of New York and now living in Canada. The father was

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Biography of Adam Kammers

The achievements of this enterprising gentleman in several lines demonstrate him to be possessed of excellent ability and keen business discrimination and he holds the meed of his labor in good income paving property in various places. Adam Kammers was born in Cook County, Illinois in June 1865, being the son of Matthew and Lucy Kammers. The father was born in Germany in 1 8 14 and came to the United States in 1848, settling on ten acres, now a part of the city of Chicago. He gardened and later sold his land for excellent prices. He died in 1891.

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Biography of Alanson Farmer

The subject of this article has exemplified in a striking manner both his ability and the possibilities A this country. For, coming here with no money, having only two horses and two cows, he is now possessed of a fine farm, one of the choicest of the vicinity, comfortable improvements, a good holding in stock and good orchards, shrubbery gardens, and all that goes to make a farm both a valuable and pleasant abode. These things speak in emphatic terms of the industry and wisdom of Mr. Farmer and because of these qualities, together with real moral worth and integrity;

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Biography of Albert D. Whaley

Albert D. Whaley is one of the industrious and enterprising men whose hands have brought the excellent products from the reservation lands that make Nez Perces County one of the best in the state of Idaho. He resides on a farm immediately north from Summit and gives his attention largely to truck farming and raising hogs and poultry. Mr. Whaley is making a fine success of his labors and has this year one of the finest onion patches of one acre to be found in the entire County. Albert D. Whaley was born in Lake County, Illinois, on March 22,

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Biography of Albert E. Tumelson

A wide awake, energetic, and well liked young man, whose faithful labors in the improvement of his farm, four and one half miles southeast from Lenore, are manifest in his valuable place, and it is but due that an epitome of the career of this successful citizen be incorporated in the history of Nez Perces County. Albert E. Tumelson was born in Jasper County, Illinois, on January 29, 1869, being the son of William C. and Sarah E. (Grove) Tumelson, natives of Illinois. They are now retired and living in Cedarvale, Kansas. The father served in the Civil War and

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Biography of Abraham L. Stanley

A man with courage enough to leap the narrow bounds of partyism and choose for himself the man and vote for him, a successful farmer and a thoroughgoing and upright man in every respect, of whom his neighbors speak well and who is respected wherever he is known, such is the gentleman of whom, with pleasure, we incorporate an epitome. Abraham L. Staley was born in Shelby County, Ohio, on April 4, 1861, being the son of William and Julia A. (Babcock) Staley. The father was a farmer and sawmill man, was born in Ohio, in 1841, came to Spokane

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Biography of Absalom B. Banks

This venerable and enterprising stockman and agriculturist is one of the industrious men who have made the reservation country blossom as the rose, thereby adding materially to the wealth of the country. Absalom B. Banks was born in Stokes County, North Carolina, on November 19, 1828, being the son of Squire and Elizabeth Banks, natives of North Carolina and born in 1807 and in 1820 and died in 1882 and 1886, respectively. The father was a pioneer of North Carolina, as was his father, who was a patriot in the Revolution and experienced many, thrilling adventures and narrow escapes. When

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Biography of Adam G. Johnson

A well known and prominent citizen of the reservation country, being also influential throughout the country, for he was elected County commissioner, having a plurality of two hundred and forty-four. Mr. Johnson is entitled to a place among those represented in the County history and it is with pleasure that we accord the same to him. Adams G. Johnson was born in Whiteside County, Illinois, on January 14, 1839, being the son of Jeremiah H. and Harriet M. (Getty) Johnson. The father was born in Washington County, New York, on December 12, 1797, and died in 1 87 1. The

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Adams, Milo H. to Butler, William C.

The following biographies are from An Illustrated History of Northern Idaho, this includes Nez Perce, Idaho, Latah, Kootenai and Shoshone Counties.  Biographies can contain a great amount of information on your ancestor.  In years past when these books were written many of the many of the people who contributed family history, they paid to have there information included.  Because of these fees sometimes many people were not included. In using this information, please don’t except it as factual, check it out!! Adams, Milo H. Adams, Schuyler J. Addington, Oscar Altmillar, Jacob Anderson, Edward F. Aytch, Benjamin F. Babcock, Ross S.

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